Watercolor painting - Feel yourself
Watercolor painting - Feel yourself
Escape from ourselves is an action that every single person applies at some point in their life. Sometimes we run from memories we don't want to bring back, and sometimes we run from the good and from ourselves.

"Feel Yourself" is an author's watercolor in an abstract style containing a lot of symbolism in itself you are The colors are bright, with red leading the way. It is associated with our first Muladhara Chakra depicted in red. It is the material manifestation of our consciousness as well as the connection between us and nature - "I am".

Fish is a symbol of the feminine and of fertility. For me, it is a rebirth of our Self, what we are from the inside and reconnection with ourselves. The meeting, even with those memories that cause us pain to help us overcome the shadows in our soul.

Dimensions: 148x210 mm.
80.00 BGN
The picture presented with a frame is only for a visual representation of how it would sit in the space. Each watercolor painting is author's and sold unframed, as each home has its own atmosphere and color interior environment, which requires correct selection of color, size and position for the painting.

* Please note! Colors are as close as possible to the original, also they will depend on the monitor, device and color gamut settings you are viewing them on.
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