About me

Vicki, it's me.

Behind Moname Design sits a person who is passionate about art, putting his soul and skills gained over the years into everything he does. You will not encounter any limitations here. As a person's imagination is not a place for frames and limitations, on the contrary. I hope you take a part of me and find something about yourself that brings you joy, a smile and a spark that lights your way to your dream.

Education and Experience

For as long as I can remember I've been drawing and loving everything related to ART. The creative process. The search for solutions out off the box. I graduated from high school with a degree in Graphics, followed by a Master degree in "Industrial Design", as well as a second Master's degree in the specialty "Art Education Pedagogy - Graphic Design". I have 13 years of experience in graphic design -  branding, logo design, promotional print materials, brochures, poster art, web banners, advertising content, participation and design of an exhibition related to Bulgarian alphabet. Awards in visual art competitions. The main area that covers the skills and my strengths are in logo design, illustration, poster art, applied art and anything that finds me. 

Over the years, I have developed my own style and method of work, which is related to the energy, dreams and potential of each individual. It is important for me to feel you and to feel how much you want to make your dream come true. My desire is to help you, giving you a hand and do everything possible to fly on your own wings. You will have at your disposal everything I am capable of, as well as my ability to constantly learn.

I believe that when we listen to our heart and inner voice we can find that thing that we carry as a talent within us. When we give it a face, a name, and a scene, it begins to illuminate and show us the reason for being here and now. This feeling surrounds us with gratitude and love for having dared to take this important step forward. When we listen to our heart, we give it love, and this love begins to change not only our lives, but also those who touch us.

In my high school years, I also discovered my love for writing, as an extension of the creative process and a way to express my feelings and myself. No one but a very small circle of friends knew this trait of mine. It was pretty well hidden, so much so that for a long period of time it was hidden even from me. Today I am returning to it, rediscovering myself and slowly, with small steps, I dare to show it to you.

My door is always open, for deep human conversations, about life, meaning, the future, the path, the Art and sweetness of being present, having every single day the chance to be happy. The truth is that we are some lucky people, even in the difficult moments of our lives we have the chance to change something in ourselves and turn the negative into a positive. To learn our lesson, to grow, to realize what kind of dough we are involved in and what we are capable of. If we don't have difficult moments, if we don't have pain and trials, we will never know who we really are.

If you have questions or just want to talk...

I'm here

About Moname Design

My motto is "Accessible Art", full of meaning and content. I believe that just as love can save the world, Art keeps saving us from difficult moments in life, inspiring us constantly.

Moname Design is a place with a mission to bring back beauty into your life through the various forms of Art. Art is a powerful but very gentle tool through which it will influence you in the most ethereal and diplomatic way, awakening your enormous emotional and heart potential as your imagination and thinking bring forth