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Flowers carry wisdom, hidden and overt. In addition to beauty, the Lilium flower will give you attention and respect.
30.00 BGN
с рамка
Flowers carry wisdom, hidden and overt. In addition to beauty, a peony will embrace you with attention and passion.
30.00 BGN
с рамка
Gentle, ETERIAL and so beautifully drawn mixed media watercolor and digital illustration painting.
30.00 BGN
без рамка
Авторска илюстрация и принт картина на буква П
20.00 BGN
What they say about us
moname design

Moname Design is a place with a mission to bring back beauty into your life through the various forms of Art. Art is a powerful but very gentle tool through which it will influence you in the most ethereal and diplomatic way, awakening your huge emotional and heart potential as well as your imagination and thinking beyond limitations. My art is created to inspire you! To encourage you to the magic of dreams, whose power we have lost because of the modern times in which we live.

Here you will feel a different energy. Each one of you will discover something important and valuable for himself, because in my work there is always a hidden intention that is woven and embedded as energy . Everything I create and create stems from my desire to bring joy and positive change to your life.

Behind mon âme (my soul translated from French) sits one soul - mine. The name was not chosen by chance, it speaks of my way of working and shows that the methods with which I work, in addition to professional ones, are also those that words do not catch. They are felt with the heart and soul.

Know that for me you are very special and many of you have been and will be my muses.
Welcome! My home is also yours.