Handmade book divider with a beautiful author's design and quote
Handmade book divider with a beautiful author's design and quote
A handmade laminated book divider with a lovely illustration and a quote from "The Little Prince" of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Each book divider has an author's illustration and design, with specially selected beautiful, motivational and funny quotes, handcrafted with love for you, books and the joy of reading.

The book dividers are made from 220 g matte German high-quality photo paper and are hand-laminated with a matte UV protective film.

width - 4.5 cm.
length - 17 cm.

I carry out individual orders, illustrate and create a personal design for bookends, if you want to surprise your loved one in an original and unique way. You can count on my skills in pictorial art, calligraphy, color science and graphic design.  Make your inquiry for custom orders here.
4.00 BGN
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